Jellycat is well known for producing high quality plush toys that are just bursting with personality!  Children are drawn to these stuffed animals due to their sweet expressions and soft snugliness.  Jellycat produces a wide variety of ever-changing plush lines, which means they often have to retire some stuffed animals to make way for a new collection.  It can be very difficult to locate a certain plush after is has gone out of production.  

The Bashful line from Jellycat is very popular.  The Jellycat Bashfuls are still being produced, but certain animals from that line have been retired as new ones were introduced.  Bunglies and Junglies are two other lines that seem to be exceptionally sought after.

We hear from a lot of customers that Jellycat’s Tum Tum elephant is a plush that can be extremely difficult to locate. However, our most requested Jellycat plush is the Bunglie Bunny- the one with the velvety lining in its ears.  

We try to stock as many retired Jellycat stuffed animals as possible.  If we do not currently have the retired Jellycat you are looking for, you can sign up on the item page to be notified as soon as one becomes available.